Your words – creating magic or mayhem?

Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power” – Sigmund Freud.

A brief intro for newcomers

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body, but way beyond its physical strength its real strength lies in its ability to produce words.

Words are electromagnetic. Negative words release negative energy while positive words release positive energy. It’s that simple. It’s science, it’s true and it does not require your belief in it to make it true. The energy impact of words profoundly impacts how you communicate and what you attract in your life.

Effectively words impact you on two levels; (1) their actual meaning and (2) their energy. This blog focuses more on the energy of words. Using high energy words definitely impacts your own energy levels and the energy you are bringing into your life. Just note your energy levels after an hour’s conversation on pollution, politics or the future of the job market. Are you bouncing for joy ready to take on the world? My guess is no.

Now consider your energy levels after your favourite sports team wins the world cup, or chatting about your upcoming vacation. Now, are you ready to take on the world? 

Each word, even when it is not spoken, carries a vibration that impacts your other senses. I will expand on just how your words impact you on a physical level in a forthcoming blog but for now, trust me on this word thing – the impact is far greater and wider than anyone has ever dared to tell you.

Words are commonly understood purely as a means of advanced communication. That there is a power of creation in words is quite unknown, and this is the real magic.

Magic or mayhem. what word “spells” are you casting?

You don’t need to be speaking negatively all day for your words to create mayhem in your life. How often do you find yourself saying things such as:

  • Don’t mess up
  • Don’t be late
  • No problem
  • If you don’t mind
  • Not a bad idea
  • Hope I don’t lie awake tonight

Now these statements don’t appear to be much of a problem at first sight, do they? Quite innocent in fact.

Instead, consider the following statements:

  • Get it right
  • Please be on time
  • It’s my pleasure
  • If it’s alright
  • It’s a great idea
  • I trust that I will sleep tonight

Can you now see the difference between the two sets of statements?

If not, look again, noticing the words in italics in the first set of statements and it will become clear. Given that words carry energy, the first set of statements would definitely carry far lower energy, while the second set of statements would carry far more positive energy. If your future was being crafted by either of the above sets of words, which set would you choose?

making IT real

If your partner asks you to do something you could say “not now” or you could respond by saying ” I can’t do it now right now, could we chat about when I can do it?” In your opinion, which response would get the best reaction? Ok, yes, your partner may pass out if you use the second response, and of course, you don’t want to cause any harm, but you get what I mean.

How often do you say, “I can’t”, “I should have” “I could have”, “I tried”? I ask because generally the statement would go as follows, “I tried, but ………. or I could have but ………. or I should have but ………. I am sure you can see how these statements carry a level of victim energy.

Of course, I know that this is not necessarily what you mean, however, let’s look at an example. You are writing an exam, you put in a certain number of hours, (not the amount you wanted to since your workload increased) and you get 60%. You comment as follows ” I got 60% but I could have got a better mark had work not been in the way”. There are two ways of looking at this statement:

  1. You truly did study all the hours you had available and if this is the absolute truth, a more positive energy statement may go as follows ” I received the result aligned to the effort I put in and I am proud of myself. In future, I commit to putting in more time to ensure I get the result I believe I am capable of”.
  2. You did not study all the hours available to you since you pressed the snooze button on far too many Saturday and Sunday mornings. So in reality, you had more hours available to study, yet you chose not to use them to study. If this is the truth, your initial statement is, in reality, a victim statement. You are blaming work for your result, when in fact, your lack of commitment was the reason for your result. Your initial statement which is of low energy simply continues to attract low energy into your world without you even being aware of the impact.

Now that you know a little more about the energetic power of words, if you are not getting the results you want in life, check your language. Just slow down and become aware of the words you use. Even if you can only manage it for the first hour in the morning, just start. You will be amazed at what you notice if you dare to look.

What messages are you sending out to the world, your children, your team, and your colleagues? Are these the messages you want to send? Are these words the seeds you believe could create the future you dream of? Are “should have, could have and I tried but” the words that have the power to craft your future? Are your words the correct ingredients for the perfect “spell” you are casting over your life?

Yes, you can make changes and cast new spells

You can recalibrate your life one word at a time. So choose a word and make a change now. Stop trying and make some commitments. I invite you to simply stop using the word “try” since it is the lowest energy frequency word you can use. I know it sounds simple, however, our society, and that includes you, uses the word “try” more times a day than you can begin to imagine. Every time you try but …….. you build a limitation. Every time you commit and believe, you open up possibilities.

David Hawkins, in his book Letting Go, makes it clear that with the removal of negativity energy, dynamic forces are unleashed, so that what were once impossible dreams become actualised goals. He goes further to state that a person who is free of negativity and guilt tends to be free of disease and suffering. What brings the most negativity into your life? Your thoughts and your words. So just stop it. 

Your language powerfully influences the way you think. You truly are the creator of much of your reality. This is the magic of you. You decide the power of your words.

You decide what “spells” you cast over your life.

“Words, in my not-so-humble opinion, are our most inexhaustible source of magic” – Albus Dumbledore.

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