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Your word is your wand – the magic within

Words provide us with the freedom to create lives we choose. Atoms make up the world and everything around us. Similarly words are our building blocks (beliefs expressed through the language we use), the words we use truly are the world we live in. When we understand the power they have, their real creation power, we become far more conscious of how we use them. All you need to do is spend time with people and listen, then look at their lives, more often than not the parallel will be starkly obvious.

Words can be compared to a scalpel, used by Jack the Ripper to destroy lives, also used by Chris Barnard to save lives. Same instrument different outcome based only on how the person chose to use it.

Are words your prison or your freedom? Do your words uplift or destroy? How do you leave people feeling when you have spoken to them? How do you leave yourself feeling with the words you use to describe yourself?

Our ability to choose our response to life is our last true freedom. Words express our response and these in turn create our reality. Choose wisely since life and death truly is in the tongue.

Abracadabra – I create as I speak.

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