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You are creator and you are enough

I am not so much that which I think I am as what I am that which I say I am

You are enough, you were born enough, all you need to do is remember that. This truly is the greatest challenge humans face in their quest for purpose – remembering how incredible we are, remembering that we are the creators of our experience and that our words are powerful creation tools.

In The Beginning

Unfortunately from the minute we can understand words we are told what we are, who we should be, who we cannot be, what we can do and what we definitely cannot do. The problem is, we believe these messages, because for the first years of our lives our frontal cortex has not developed sufficiently for us to even begin to question these beliefs that form the very foundation of our lives.

I guess this is why Einstein said “give me a child before the age of 6 and I will make the child a genius”.

growing up

The words we grow up hearing, believing and re-inforcing in our lives shape how we think, what we imagine to be possible, what we believe we are capable of or not, how we treat and see others and how we respond to situations. Most importantly the words we grow up hearing often inform our fears of not being enough, or of not being worthy. We largely grow up wanting to be or do that something which would ensure that we are considered worthy.

This filters into our lives as adults, seldom being reviewed for truth or relevance, often leaving us honouring emotional contracts we entered into as children – contracts that do not serve our greatness as adults – but the fear of reviewing them or letting them go often remaining our prison.

Often we defend our beliefs as we are defending our very lives, yet these beliefs have largely been given to us by previous generations, they are not even truly ours. We use these same beliefs to measure up our own and other peoples worthiness, perpetuating the fear of not being enough into future generations.

your words

Your words matter, that self-talk, that inner dialogue, the lecture no-one but you gets to hear – those words are crafting your future. Often your “stuckness” is linked to repeated patterns of negative self-talk. Your realities can be falsely constructed by rules and compromises you were taught as a child.

Your self worth is 100% reliant on your inner dialogue. Words shape destinies, they start and end wars, they lead to the creation or destruction of lives and they are what define you and how you experience life.

In our endless search to become enough, we often utterly reject ourselves based on past failures and feelings of unworthiness. What pain have we caused ourselves in our utterly needless and empty search to become enough according to someone else’s standards of worthiness?

That same someone else who is nowhere to be found at 2am when you lie awake staring at the ceiling wondering when you will arrive at that illusive place where the searching is over and you can truly start living. You only start living when you have learnt to truly love yourself, blemishes and all. This is where freedom begins and your journey from cocoon to butterfly unfolds in all its beauty.

Unfortunately words are commonly understood merely as a method of communication; that they have creation power is quite unknown.

Your words are your world and language is life. How you describe and therefore create your world, is the life blood of your personal and professional lives. An example of this is in the description of an event such as a morning bumper bashing.

One version could run as follows – “I had the worst experience today when some idiot drove straight into the back of me. I cannot believe the terrible inconvenience it is going to cause me having to claim from insurance. His recklessness could have resulted in a serious injury or even death. I just don’t know what I have done to deserve such bad luck”.

A second version (same accident) could run as follows – “I had an unfortunate bumper bashing this morning, however I am really grateful that no-one was injured and that I have insurance to cover the repairs. The experience has shown me how blessed I am and how I take getting to work safely everyday for granted”.

Now reflect on how you felt reading the first version (heavy) compared to the energy you felt reading the second one. Could you feel the difference? If there were blessings hanging around looking for somewhere to land, which statement do you believe would attract the blessings?

Impact of your words

The energy impact of your words profoundly impacts the manner in which you communicate and attract success.

It is not the truth that matters. It is what you believe to be true that runs or ruins your life.

When will you choose for yourself what is true for you? What future reality are you creating with the words you are currently using?

What word seeds are you planting? You cannot plant weeds and expect sunflowers to grow and in a similar fashion you cannot talk down to yourself while expecting the best for yourself. Remember it does not matter what anyone else believes, it is only what you choose to believe that has any impact and influence on your life.

You cannot manipulate the the facts of your life as you currently experiencing it. To bring about the change you dream of go to the source, your words, your beliefs, your imagination. This is where the magic happens and where all future change starts.

What you write on the inside is experienced on the outside.


Imagine if everything in your life depended on your next word. What word would you choose? What will it take to re-write your life? Does your language require an “upgrade”? When we think about an upgraded future, are we upgrading our language when we describe that future?

Neville Goddard states that “if you cannot imagine yourself as other than you are then you remain as you are. You are either a slave to your assumptions or you are the creator and master of your life”.

“I am” is the strongest creative statement in the universe. There is no other way the universe knows how to work and it responds to “I am” like a genie in a bottle. Remember however that creation takes time and commitment in exactly the same way changing your body or obtaining a degree takes time and commitment.

It is no quick fix. Changing your language, as simple as it sounds, is a profoundly challenging task. It is also one of the most rewarding journeys you will ever embark on.

Start the journey, be kind to yourself, knowing that you already are enough.

What have you got to lose?


Change your words, change your destiny.

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