Will you let go?

Just asking because, my greatness, have we not been asked to let go of so much during the last 18 months, none of which we could possibly have imagined happening in our lifetime?

Imagine surrendering the all-important, suitable tailored “suit pants”, the bottom half of the “corporate wardrobe” and those “happy socks” almost overnight; working for months with only the top half of your traditional, well-chosen power suit and barefoot, hippie style.

Today, of course, it’s basically the norm – in fact, I am surprised some fast-thinking retailers have not thought about selling only the top half of the traditional corporate wear.

Now, calling all the ladies, both on the left and on the right, as well as our glamorous, hot and sexy metro gents, have you not all let go of your “faces”? Come now, would you seriously ever have thought of going to work without your make-up, your hair gel and of course the obligatory high-fashion perfume or top drawer aftershave? Quite frankly how many of you even undergo a daily shave these days?

And the point?

Well, it’s that circumstances have forced us to give up many of our “beloved rituals”, ones we would never even have considered “give-up-able” in our very recent pasts.

The question I pose is what else are you ready to give up?

We are facing the end of an incredibly interesting, challenging, exciting year and as we do that, perhaps it’s worth thinking about what you could leave behind as part of the 2021 legacy.

What rituals, habits and emotions may still be limiting you from becoming all you are capable of?

Would you be willing to let go of those past hurts? Think about it, how exactly does it serve you to still be stark-raving mad at aunty so and so for what she did that one birthday celebration or that colleague that irritated you 6 months ago?

Oh, that treasured baggage

That unforgiveness, or bitterness weighing you down, causing disease or “dis-ease” in your life, why not let it go? How does it serve you to cling to all these disempowering emotions? How exactly do they serve you?

Why not reclaim your life and let go of what is not working for you? Why keep yourself locked into a prison of the past, allowing it to steal your joy?

A question, “would you let a thief move into your home and live rent-free?”

Not an option?

Well, then why do you allow negative disempowering thoughts which steal your joy to enter your mind and chill out there?

Someone did you wrong? Let it go or they will keep taking from your life.

Life has not gone as planned? Learn what you can, move on quickly and focus on what’s good. Don’t go cheating on your future with your past. What good can possibly come from that?

Richard Carson once said, “if you are not going to talk about something in the last hour of your life, don’t go making it a top priority during your lifetime”.

My invitation for 2022 is no new resolutions that will merely become the baton you beat yourself with come March. Rather think about what you want to shed and leave behind in 2021 as you step into the joy and excitement of a new year without all that baggage, darling.

Choose to see the good in everything even when not everything is always good.

In the end, it really is a choice. Just let it go and be free.

Decide to do it, and then do it!

“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday” – Steve Maraboli 

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