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Who do you say you are?

Yes, that’s a real question. Who do you say you are?

You may well be asking yourself why this matters.

It matters because life will transform around you in the most incredible ways, whipping up miracles and regulating synchronicity to ensure that you become everything you say you are.

No, it really does not matter what other people say unless of course you believe them and agree wholeheartedly with what they say. Oh, and Mothers, they always tell you how incredible you are, that’s kind of their job description, so it does not help at all if you tell me how awesome Mom says you are.

Who do you say you are? That is the only damn thing that matters because your words, those whispered silently in your mind or those expressed vividly into the world are crafting your reality one word at a time. Until you are unwaveringly crystal clear on who the hell you say you are your life will continue to repeat the past. The end.

Simplicity and inspiration

This sounds so simple yet it’s this simplicity that has kept the most powerful driver of personal transformation “hidden in plain sight”. People refuse to believe it could be that simple. We have been taught that you have to work day and night, blood, sweat and tears, supported by tons of sacrifice for the hope of possibly getting lucky enough to achieve a third of our dreams, despite the crappy journey we cling to this as if it were the holy grail.

Hard work without a firm conviction of who you say you are will, time and time again result in just that, hard work. Of course, this reinforces the truth of the story you were told, and it perpetuates the story you tell. I believe that this is called a self-fulfilling prophecy in its purest form. What do you say?

Just ask yourself why you get inspired by watching motivational videos. These videos get millions of “likes”, “views” and “shares”, why is this?

Why are certain people heroes? Is it because of what other people say about them? Were any of these people confused about who they believed they were or who they could become? Or did they wake up each and every morning with clarity beating in their hearts and minds about who they said they were, and irrespective of circumstances, irrespective of the reality they may have found themselves in they were able to maintain a crystal clear conviction about who they said they were?

They believed and the story they told spoke of this belief. They backed their belief up with continuous action in the direction of their dreams even when they faced repeated failures and obstacles until their realities shifted, quite often seemingly by accident, to miraculously manifest and resemble the life their words spoke of.

People often call this “luck”.

Don’t you think it’s time to become your own superhero? If you do, no cape required as it is words that are your superpower.

So back to the opening question, what are some possible answers to this seemingly simple question?

Some answers
  • I am “John”
  • I am an accountant
  • I am a woman
  • I am a mother
  • I am a wife
  • Etc.

Do any of these responses resonate with what immediately came to mind when you read the question?

The question, however, calls for so much more than mere labels.

Who would you be if you were not John? Who is John? Who are you when your role as accountant suddenly gets stripped from you? What does being a woman mean to you? Are you only a mother? What happens when the children immigrate and your role as mother is suddenly minimized leaving you wondering wide-eyed where your life went? Or when you are no longer a wife? Who is left when the labels are gone? Would you recognise you without these labels? How would you know that this is you? Would you like this new label-free you?

I invite you to write down 10 positive “I am” statements without using labels describing your array of roles in this glorious life.

So no “I am a lawyer” or “I am a father or husband” stuff. No labels, ok?

Go on, just do it. It won’t take more than 10 minutes and we can agree that you are worth at least 10 minutes. That highly disturbing, negative news article you read or heard as you opened your eyes certainly took up more than 10 minutes and left you with zero joy.

How difficult was that? If you are just a tad like most people it was damn hard getting to 10 positive “I am” statements. Yet you would have no problem writing 10 positive statements about your child, your partner or your hero, correct?

So what?

If you are not able to describe your future with “I am” statements which you truly believe, your future is being created by all those negative ‘I am” statements you use, often without a second thought. You cannot become what you cannot imagine, and you cannot imagine what you cannot describe. Remember that imagination is the basic creative energy of the universe and your words are what unlocks the creation power of this powerful energy.

Your mental commentary, that inner scriptwriter, is always influencing and shaping your feelings and perceptions about the world around you, your experience of it and the future you are creating.

What you are telling yourself, either out loud (beware this could get you declared “desperately in need of professional help”) or quietly in the safety of your mind, is the basis from which your reality is crafted.

In the end, it’s who you say you are that is the difference that makes the difference. Unfortunately, very few humans ever ask this question and even less take the time to answer it. Is it any wonder then that so few get to fulfil the depths and expanse of their unlimited range of potential while referring to the few who do as lucky, gifted or fortunate?

Just imagine if Einstein believed what people said about him when he was expelled from school, or if Elvis believed the Nashville concert hall manager who said he was better off returning to Memphis and going back to his former career as a truck driver, or Steven Spielberg when he was rejected from the University of Southern California School of Theatre, Film and Television three times, or for the younger reader, Lady Gaga who was dropped 3 months after signing with her first major record label.

How much less colourful the world would have been without Lady Gaga, Jailhouse Rock and a wild-haired, brilliant mathematician.

Imagine what becomes possible when you know WHO YOU say you are.





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