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Who are YOU?

No, seriously, who are you? Not your name or your title, like I am the Manager of so and so, or I am Mr or Mrs so and so. Who are you?

Have you ever really thought about this? Not just fleetingly for a brief moment when you managed to rip yourself away from whatever screen owns you.

I ask because a true understanding of the answer will forever set you free, allowing you to heal the delicate relationships between mind (emotions), body and spirit. It’s these exact relationships, which when out of sync, cause most of your dis-ease and your disease.

You’re not just your body or your mind, these are merely tools allowing your spirit to exist and experience living in this world. However, for this blog let’s agree not to get all deep by delving into the spiritual and emotional relationships that need managing should you be a human being currently traversing this earth.

Part 1 of 3

In this blog we are only going to consider the body, that one aspect of yourself you far too often over-identify with, believing that this really is you. The one you cannot hide from or hide away from others since it’s the most obvious aspect of yourself.

Let’s think about the body, that aspect of ourselves that we take most for granted. Yes, the one you will be spending the rest of your life with. Imagine if the body, your lifelong partner, could give you a little feedback – what do you think it would say?

Message from the body

“You are always badmouthing me, giving me bad food, too much food, too much sugar, loads of alcohol and other substances, and you dare expect me to run properly. What do you imagine would happen to your car if you continuously put bad fuel in it?

“I run every single part of your body while processing all the crap you put into me, desperately trying to keep you alive, and you never even say thank you. You seldom bother to look after my exterior, like exfoliating or moisturising my skin. Yes, you guys out there, I need a little love and care, a touch of cream on the heels goes a long way in showing some gratitude.

“No, all you do is look at me with disdain, telling me all the things you don’t like about me, and complain, oh my can you endlessly complain. Always comparing me to others, hair not quite thick enough, too curly or not curly enough, too thin, too fat, too tall, too short. Will you ever say anything that does not constantly make me feel less than worthy?”

“You place me under constant stress by bowing down to each and every one of your out of control emotions, such as fear, worry, anxiety and anger. Flooding all my organs with stress hormones and you wonder why I gain weight, suffer from insomnia and feel like shit most of the time. Oh yes, and I am so sorry I don’t look quite like that celebrity on Instagram. Damn, I will work just a little harder to please you, while I work triple time to fix and repair all the damage you constantly inflict on me, you ungrateful, self-centred ignoramus.”

“In fact, you have spent half your life rejecting me and not wanting to live inside me. I should have just shut down there and then”.

“Will you ever apologise for what you are doing to me?”

“Will you ever say thank you for all the miraculous things I do day in and day out while all you care about is your emotions, your Insta status, oh, and your mind, or shall we rather say ego”.

“We are in a lifelong relationship, you realise that don’t you?” You cannot get around without me – just saying. May I also remind you that the best relationships are the ones in which partners acknowledge and appreciate each other”.

“If you did to a romantic partner what you are constantly doing to me, how long do you think they would hang around, or would you only think about appreciating them once you are about to lose them?”

“Who would you be without me?”

Back to you – a.k.a not your body

Ok, so how do the rest of you feel having heard from the body? Any immediate responses come to mind?

Maybe a heartfelt, sincere THANK YOU as a start?

Remember that you are nature’s greatest miracle. Never let anyone or anything make you feel less than the miracle that you are.

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