What do you truly desire?

Desire. The word conjures up many different ideas and each of you reading this currently has your own unique picture in mind. Fortunately only you can see this picture (hahaha).

Within you is the capacity to manifest all that you desire. The real question is, however – what do you truly desire?

Ana Forrest, who I love, says that to discover what you truly desire, we must strip away what we have been taught to desire.

What do you desire?

Is it not possible that you have not achieved all you desire in life because you do not know what you truly desire? You think you know, but are your desires not based on other people’s views, other’s expectations, or what you hear other people expressing as their desires and you simply copy and paste.

Maybe you have copied and pasted for so long that you no longer know whether what you desire, is actually your desire.


Could it not be all the expectations in life that result in your daily exhaustion? Your chief delusion being that you are in control of the outcomes and the energy you invest in trying to do just drains the very life out of your life. Surely this energy could be used far more effectively in the creation process or do we miss the joy of creation because we are so obsessed with the outcome, only to chase the next outcome once we complete something.

Living without the need for specific results, is that not freedom?

This of course does not mean you don’t care for the results. It just means you are not attached to a specific result. There is a huge difference when your joy is in the creation and not only in the result. When you commit all you are to the creation process and trust that the result will be exactly as it needs to be, with no need to manipulate the process to ensure the results meet your own narrow, predefined expectations.

When you are open to an outcome you may not be expecting, you step closer to getting what you truly desire. Allowing your predefined idea about things to fall away opens up possibilities that are far more aligned to your soul’s true desire. Your intuitive voice is often silenced by your desperate need for certainty. This need for predictability, and certainty strips the joy out of life, leaving no place for the magic of possibilities you yet have to imagine.

Obsessing about controlling the outcome ties the hands of our magnificent Creator, who is desperately trying to support your greatest desire.

Let Go

If you want to be free, let go.

Again I ask, what do you truly desire? Once you give this some thought without being attached to specific expectations you may be surprised. This is when you can truly start creating the life you were born to live. Before this point you are much like the hamster on the wheel, running madly because everyone else is. It seems to be what has been done in the past and what is expected for the future but no-one knows where the hamsters are running to, or whether they are happy. Actually no one seems to care about the “why”, because simply staying on the wheel and ahead of the hamster behind you is the expectation.

Get off the wheel for a minute, notice what is around you – an empty swing, an incredibly exciting slide and possibly even a merry-go-round. Craft your own journey following your heart’s desire. This is living my friend.

To know your true desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment you can bring upon yourself.

But first, know what you truly desire. 

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