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Thinking about your thinking

Life is a big silver screen that movies are shown on and we are the projectors shining our thoughts onto the screen of life. The way we think of ourselves and one another is at the very core of the greatest fears and the greatest suffering that we experience in our lives today.

Thought is a system, and similar to any system, it requires regular tweaking. Sometimes, like a computer, it requires brand new software to ensure it works effectively and produces optimal results. Should you leave your system of thought unchecked you will find that it is very often the silent call that leads you away from your dreams.

You certainly cannot have your mind filled with thoughts of fear and scarcity while dreaming of a life filled with blessings and abundance.

So what is it about thoughts?

The average person has around 70,000 thoughts a day, most not even your own, yet they impact you far more than you can begin to imagine.

Thoughts inform your words, words inform your actions, and we all know by now that thoughts, words and actions are the three tools with which we create our experience of life.

We attract what we think and speak about and our first step to freedom is thought discipline. Being a slave to your thoughts and feelings is being enslaved by your reactive self rather than your creative self. Often the root cause of your suffering is your identification with your thoughts and the stories that continuously run through your mind.

Your power to act is independent of your thoughts and feelings. Often you cannot change what happened to you. You can, however, always control what you allow it to mean to you and what you allow yourself to think about it. You control the narrative of the story you tell yourself about what happened to you. You have the freedom to choose what goes into your mind.

You see the world through the stories you carry, so until you heal your story, you will continue to see the world through distorted eyes. Take an example. You don’t get that job you applied for, so you tell yourself the following story: “I am just not good enough, I don’t have what it takes and I am never going to get ahead in life”. Of course, by telling yourself this story over and over you continue to create a future in which you attract and experience not being good enough or not having what it takes. You could choose to tell yourself an alternative story: “I know that there is a reason I may not see right now for not getting the job. I fully trust that I did my best and I believe that the right job is busy opening up for me as I trust in my journey. I am grateful for the experience and I have learnt a thing or two about tough interviews”.

You get to choose the narrative. No-one else makes this decision for you and it is one of the most critical choices you get to make. What story will you live by?

Compassion begins with self-acceptance, self-acceptance firstly requires you to let go of all the negative thoughts you hold about yourself. This requires you to be aware of these thoughts.

Don’t fool yourself by believing that what was really a thought is the truth. You need to discover that you can become the observer of your thoughts rather than their unwitting slaves. How often do we see what we think is there or should be there, instead of what is actually there? You see only from the perspective of the story you hold to be true. You do not see truth itself.

There are infinite ways to think about the world, beliefs, interpretations and points of view. Ways to feel good and things to say, yet because we are so committed to our story about who we are and what our reality looks like, we only scratch the surface of all that’s available to us every single moment. We are constantly surrounded by countless versions of reality that hang around us like shy teenage girls at prom night just waiting for us to ask them to dance.

Just because you have a thought does not necessarily mean that it is true. Most thoughts are just old circuits in your brain that have become hard-wired by repetition (associative memory). Most answers in life reveal themselves through doing, not thinking.

We create our lives moment by moment through our thoughts, words and actions. The way we think about ourselves (words unexpressed) is the most important barometer for determining the condition of our lives.

Think about your thinking

A thought is harmless and powerless unless we believe it, yet how often, do we stop to think about what we are thinking? Far too often we experience the memory of a thing, a moment, a person or an experience, rather than the thing itself.

In life we should not just learn to think, we should learn that there are different ways to think. We are often stopped not by something on the outside but by something on the inside. Stop and know that the greatest tool for changing your world is your capacity to change the way in which you think about the world.

Thought that is no longer limited brings experiences that are no longer limited.

The range of what you think and do is limited by what you fail to notice and because of this, there is little you can do to change until you notice how failing to notice shapes your thoughts and deeds.

It is impossible to create a new future while you are trapped in your thoughts of yesterday, rooted in your past, addicted to your story. Very often you do not even see that it is your story because you have believed it to be the truth and the only truth for so long. Simply suspending it could set you free from years of being trapped.

Stop for a moment and think about your thinking. Do your thoughts empower your dreams, do they liberate you and enable possibilities?

Are you willing to surrender your patterns of thought, your story, for long enough to investigate it for traces of truth? Or are you so committed to your thinking, your version of events, that the idea of suspending it, even for a brief moment, feels like surrendering life itself?

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny”. 





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