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Thinking about knowledge

Did you know that most of the knowledge you gain at school is obsolete by the time you graduate? 
The world is changing so fast that you need to keep thinking about re-inventing yourself to remain relevant.
Why knowledge is not the alpha and omega
Think about it, if you went to University 10 years ago to complete a computer science degree, you would have learnt how to write programs for laptops and PCs, where memory was still stored on those devices.
By the time you graduated the world would have moved to “mobile first” and “cloud computing”.
If you had studied advertising or marketing you would have learnt techniques fit for radio and television and graduated into a world of digital advertising and marketing.
It is increasingly clear that jobs of the future have yet to be created. Who could have imagined Uber or Airbnb 10 years ago?
The growing influence of AI, ML, VR, AR, robotics, digitisation and automation will increasingly result in today’s jobs becoming obsolete. Oh, if you are wondering what I am talking about, you may already be obsolete.
What can be done?
You need to learn how to think again. Far too often you spend most of your time studying merely to remember millions of facts, ones that are seldom, if ever, used once you have graduated.
Most people do not end up in careers remotely linked to what they studied. In fact, research shows that less than 10% of people do.
The real power lies in having tools to stimulate thinking rather than gathering huge amounts of potentially obsolete knowledge.
To be ready for the world of tomorrow you need to be willing to unlearn, re-learn, de-skill and up-skill. This requires agility and the ability to truly think – think for yourself, be able to gather the facts and think about them in ways that others may not have and to see what others see, yet think what no-one else thinks.
You need to stop for a minute and think. Doing this may be a very new experience for you since you seldom spend time thinking in today’s hustle and bustle world.
Most people are exceptionally busy “doing” and having meetings with long agendas, however very little of this implies true thinking.
Why do you seldom think anymore?
  • It takes time which you apparently have very little of.
  • It involves you judging yourself and your thinking which is something you avoid at all costs.
  • You almost always doubt your own thinking, believing that there must surely be a better way or someone with a more informed opinion.
I warn you though that doubt is a particularly shady issue when it comes to your thinking since very often it applies brakes where none are required.
The challenge
Today’s challenge is that thinking takes time and no-one blocks their diary out for a few hours entitled “thinking” – in fact, this would be considered a terrible waste of precious “doing” time.
Do you ever stop to check whether all that “doing” that is keeping you so busy is relevant or needed to ensure a successful future?
Or do you just keep running on that treadmill of “doing”, so afraid to stop in case you fall off only to find at some point you get kicked off because you are no longer relevant. Your knowledge has become obsolete and the landscape has forever changed.
Your ability to think can never become obsolete. It is often rather desperately in need of time, a touch of liberation and a little training, almost like riding a bike. You were born to think for yourself.
If you are fearful and worried, you are not truly thinking. True thinking is free from fear and is not limited by the past or inhibited by current circumstances.
Your thinking may be your greatest limitation. When last did you think about your thinking ?
Is your current way of thinking the only right way? Could there be other ways of thinking ?
What makes you happy or unhappy is not the world or the people around you. It is your thinking – those random voices in your head. Often your thinking lacks any original thought; thought that is free from your past and not limited by your current circumstances. Herein lies your greatest potential.
The solution
True liberation lies in your thinking.
How you think about the world is how you will speak about the world. How you speak about the world is how you will act within the world. Your thinking, speaking and doing has created your current reality and these three will continue to craft your future.
New thinking can free you from a prison of limitation, and transcendence from rules and past-based thinking is the key to future-proofing yourself. New thinking results in new words and new words are the trigger for new actions resulting in a new future.
To ensure you remain relevant in a fast-changing world, review your thinking, not merely your knowledge.
How future-proof are you? What will you be doing in the next 2 years and why would someone employ you? Why would you employ you?
What was your last original thought?
“Things won’t get better unless you think better”.

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