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Words apart

Have you ever considered the power of the words you use?

How often do the words we use drive us further apart rather than bringing us closer together? What about the words we don’t use? The “thank you” you missed, the “well done” you didn’t take the time to say, the “I am sorry” that could have changed a relationship, the “I forgive you” that may have changed a life?

Language and words are the essence of all creation. Very little we see around us would exist without our ability to use words to express ideas and thoughts. Words are used to describe our experiences and relationships. Seldom do we find ourselves in a place where relationships are not at the centre of our experience.

Your creation

Today we live in a world where we are increasingly digitally connected but emotionally distant. What has the impact of this been on the quality of our relationships?

We are all language brokers. We trade in words and what we buy and sell is entirely up to us. Words are far too often understood as just a means of advanced communication. That words have creation power is relatively unknown.

The digital era has fundamentally changed the way in which we communicate. Often an entire message is reduced to a few emojis. We send out one line emails, seldom providing important context or meaning, often leaving the other party with a message that was never intended.

Have you considered the impact this is having on the quality of your relationships? When last did you and your partner truly speak with each other and not at each other? Yes, there is a difference.

When last did you engage your children with words other than ones used to instruct (ensuring homework is done, rooms are tidied and teeth are brushed. Getting them to bed so that you can eventually breathe for the first time since your eyes opened, often falling asleep without a word shared with your partner)?

Words and creation

The fact is, words have creation power. The question is, what are you creating with your words? Words carry energy. That is science. What you are saying about your children, your partner, your employer, your employees, your friends, yourself and life in general, that is creation.

Often you are trying to sort out pollution at the bottom of the stream without looking at the source – your words. Are you aware of the hidden agenda behind your words?

If your relationships and your life are not what you wished for, perhaps it is time take a look at the word seeds you have been planting. Are your words driving you further apart from others and your dreams?

Regularly using the word “should” with yourself, your children or your employees, brings judgement energy. I guess there would be no surprises then when you attract judgement into your life.

Word energy

The word “if” carries victim energy. Think of those people who are always saying: “if my partner only did, if my boss did or employees did, if I won the lottery”, etc. The word “if” puts all the power in someone or something else’s domain, taking it all away from you, the creator, leaving you powerless.

The word “try” has the lowest energy frequency and the word “promise” caries the highest energy frequency (Dr. David Hawkins).

Words make the invisible, visible.

Your words are part of your personal theme song. What song are you singing? Would it be a best seller, inspiring people to greatness and encouraging them to live their best life?

Your words hold insight into what is holding you back or what is propelling you forward, and your words also shed light on the quality of your relationships.

Your success in every area of your life depends on your ability to make yourself understood and 99% of the time this is through the use of words. I know that body language etc. impacts communication, however, I have never seen anyone pitching a business idea to investors through dance or eye movement alone.

Think about it

Do your words build up and encourage? Do you engage in conversation, showing genuine interest, or do you only provide opinions and counter arguments?

If you had to record yourself for one week and then replay the words used, what would you see about some of the challenges you face and why some things never seem to change?

You may hear confessions of doubt, scarcity, complaints, grumbling, fear and lack of forgiveness rather than words of gratitude for the gifts you do have, or words describing the amazing future you are crafting.

Many times the problems in your life sit right beneath your nose, in the words flowing from your mouth.

Everything in your life is affected by the words you speak – your life and the lives of others.

Choose them wisely. 


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