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Take the leap

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

How many dreams are doomed to early graves because people are simply too afraid to ask? To afraid to do? To take that leap, to leave the safety of the shore?

I have a real example, my very own life, exhibition A.

Here goes

As some of you may know I have been writing a book. What about?

It’s a surprise ……….. joking 🙂. It’s about my absolute love for words and the magic they hold. Yes, it’s a strange love however it chose me long before I chose it, true story.

Over the years, I poured my heart and soul into this book writing journey. Many, I mean many hours of research, and countless moments of seriously questioning my sanity. Asking myself ,”hands in hair”, what the hell are you doing?

“Who else other than you actually gives a damn about words and just how powerfully they impact, shape and mould lives”, was a question that often had to be forcefully banished from taking root in my mind.

The journey (a long one)

Given that it had been such a long, winding journey, I met many other writers along the way. I research and learnt that first time authors publishing options were very limited. If you are an unknown author, first book, don’t waste your time looking for a publisher, just go straight for the self publishing option. Heeding this advice and guidance, that was exactly the route I decided on. Down to having an editor, a type setter and proof reader, together with the budget required in getting to the point of actually having something that could in fact be self published.

So there I was. I had just hit send on a mail sharing the manuscript with a few beta readers. A smile of satisfaction on my face, this was a big moment. I was like 90% done, only type setting and proof reading left and POOF, I could self publish. I was about to step away from the laptop to go and celebrate the moment when out of nowhere a very distinct question flew at me. “Why have you not submitted your manuscript to ANY publishers, why are so afraid of a NO????”

My smile disappeared in a flash as I found myself genuinely asking, why?

It did not take long for the answer to find me, it was FEAR ! My world of possibilities had been significantly reduced because I wanted to play it safe. I was afraid of rejection, I was afraid that the thing I loved so much would not be loved by others.

Why had I given fear so much power in shaping my future? What the hell was I doing?

Advice, is just that

The thing is, advice is just that, advice. It’s not absolute truth, it’s not a given, it’s not cast in stone, it’s advice. What I did with the advice I had received was entirely up to me. I had chosen to take this advice as absolute truth at the cost of “asking”. You see I had the perfect story, “first time authors almost never get publishing contracts” and the story served my fear, not my greatness. It did not open up possibilities, NO, it 100% served FEAR. You see I had focused on the word NEVER and totally ignored the word ALMOST. Strange how we do that isn’t it? It was not NEVER it was ALMOST never.

Fortunately in that moment of Universe talk, I was reminded, not so gently I might add, that best I ask or forever regret it. So I asked.

I submitted my manuscript to the first three publishers that came up. I was trusting that same Universe that kicked by butt to open up the possibilities I had been to afraid to imagine. I pressed the send button and surrendered, at least I now knew that I had asked. I did not tell a soul.

The long wait

The weeks went by, many weeks ok, not just 3 or 4 or 5.

Eventually 8 weeks later, I received a publishing offer from an International publisher. I nearly fell right off my Unicorn 🙂. I could not believe that someone or a bunch of someones wanted to be a part of publishing & marketing my book. I was so super excited, and filled with such gratitude. In that moment I was once again reminded of the power of a loving Universe just waiting to support me as I risked “asking”.

I spent a week working through the contract details and with beating heart, excitedly signed it 🙂.

And GUESS what?

The day after I signed, I received a second publishing offer. The Universe was now simply showing off, however I was totally blown away. It reminded me that while taking the leap may be a huge risk for humans, for an abundant Universe it’s like taking a quick snapshot of you in mid-air (as the image to this blog shows). The master photographer is often merely waiting for us to show up and take that very first step.

You see, the advice was given with all the right intentions, however instead of seeing it as just that, as advice. I allowed it to become my excuse for not taking a risk. It formed my reality and had I not been rudely awakened by a loving and powerful Universe I would have missed the opportunity that was out there waiting in anticipation for me all along.

How many opportunities are out there waiting for you?

Yes they may not all work out, yes you may get a load of no’s, however each NO is one step closer to your YES.

Let me simply say, if you want something, ASK, because as my wife always says (and she is a wise woman), without asking the answer is always NO.

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