Ordinary moments

Ordinary moments? There is no such thing as “ordinary” moments.

There is nothing ordinary about you or any moment in your life. Living as if your life is filled with ordinary moments is what reduces your life to nothing more than a string of habitual actions, plus, of course, those occasional moments of joy. Life is a miracle, a beautiful gift filled with magic – if you just took a moment to notice.

You are an awesome mystery encased in skin. 

when did life become ordinary?

Could it be that your possessions have become your repressions and the root cause of much of your depression? Maybe that perpetual guilt you live with? What possible service do you get from guilt? In reality, guilt is simply self-indulgence.

Does your way of seeing the world imprison you? Are you not able to see that in reality there is nothing ordinary about waking up every morning? Many don’t wake up. If you just thought for a minute about the incredible number of processes that need to function perfectly while you sleep to ensure that you open your eyes in the morning, you would be in awe of how spectacular you are. Is it that you insist on staying the same, even when it is at the cost of your own well-being – possibly afraid of that inner voyage?

Remember that most of the time your mind does not do a great job of describing you, because generally, it is telling you to be something else, when in reality if you were simply yourself, you would be amazed at your magnificence.

You were not born to be ordinary. Think about how you came about. One little sperm chasing for the win, two cells dividing and somehow each one, absolutely clear on whether they become liver cells, skin cells or muscle cells. Nothing ordinary about that.

Everything but ordinary

Being free from guilt brings about a renewal of life energy, well-being and physical health. Let it go and forgive yourself.

Did you know that your muscles are temporarily paralysed during REM sleep because this is when you have the most vivid dreams and it stops you from running around physically enacting your dreams? Imagine, your body does a full toxin clean up while you are sleeping (like a spring clean every night) and all your brain cells are completely repaired. Still think you are ordinary?

There is one thing that the world does not want you to find out and that is the truth about you. Why? Because then you will be free. You will be free to be your essential self and liberated from the self you prepare each morning to show off to the world.

You are extraordinary. You still have time. Time to live, time to smile, time to love, time to forgive, time to grow, to sing, to dance and celebrate the breath you take each second. Time to make different decisions, time to celebrate life. Maybe you don’t appreciate the gift of time because you live in a world of things.

What do you choose?

If you want guarantees in life, you don’t want life. What you do have today is time. Time to smell the roses if you choose. What do you choose my friend?

A terminally ill 85-year-old lady was asked what she would choose to do differently if she could. She said “I would travel lighter, I would dare to make more mistakes, I would take more chances, I would go to more dances, I would pick more daisies, I would swim naked without shame. But you see I don’t have the time. I don’t get a next time or a second chance”.

What do you choose to do with your time? While you have breath in your lungs and two eyes that open each morning, what do you choose?

Did you know that it can be tremendously energising to disobey the conditioning with which you were raised?

My invitation to you is rather than trying so hard to find yourself, start celebrating yourself.

Liberate your extraordinary self.

“Each day you are born again. What you do on this day is what matters most”Buddha. 

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