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A Powerful Duo

What and who would you be without your mouth?

Yes, a strange question, however, give it a moment’s thought and you may come to the conclusion that life would be basically impossible without the mouth.

The words that flow from your mouth craft and shape your experiences, while the food you put into your mouth shapes and crafts your health. So are you perhaps willing to agree with me that 95%, or at least a seriously substantial part of your experiences in life, are influenced by your mouth?

In fact, a number of medical practitioners state that 95% of hospitalisation is food and lifestyle-related, with only 5% being as a result of factors outside of one’s control, such as accidents or urgent mechanically-related emergencies e.g. burst appendix.

Hippocrates, the Father of Modern medicine states that 95% of disease begins in the gut.

Your words

Those that read my blogs (thanx 😃) know that I am passionate about words and the power they have to transform our lives. In fact, I believe that words are the building blocks we use to shape our lives, define our relationships, and are incredibly accurate predictors of what our tomorrows will look like.

Just listen to people around you for a moment, what words are they using?

You know those people who are always “trying” and then finding a million “buts” to explain why something didn’t work out the way they expected. “I tried ……… but ……….”. Or the “could have” people, those that “could have” achieved so much if only this or that had, or hadn’t happened, or if he or she just did something different.

We all know these people, and few of us would choose to spend a weekend away with them, or would you? Unless, of course, that person is you, then you don’t have that many options 🙂.

I don’t plan to repeat prior blogs (shew). You can pop across here, to read more on the topic, however, trust me on this fact, words matter far more than you can even begin to imagine. In fact, these days, quantum physics and advances in multiple scientific disciplines are proving that your body chemically changes based on your words.

Check out Dr Candice Pert, a recognised neuroscientist and pharmacologist, and her book called Molecules of Emotions, for more on this topic.


Without making it too complex, just stop using a few “low energy” words, no stress, no panic – just STOP a few, and see just how often you use “low energy” words.

You may be asking ok, so what words are to be used instead, so here are a few short examples:

I will try vs I commit to doing my best. Notice the difference you experience when you are told, “I will try” vs when they say they “commit” to doing their best.

How do YOU feel saying “I will try”? Now replace this with “I commit” to doing my best. It may seem to be a small or almost irrelevant difference, however, the energy associated with the word “commit” is exceptionally higher than the energy related to the word “try”.

Simply starting your journey by using some higher energy words will start attracting higher energy into your life. Trust me, or read this for some more “stuff” on words.

Your food choices

No, this is not a nutritional guide and I am not qualified to give you advice of this nature. So no keto, vegan or mediterranean diet snippets or words of wisdom. In truth what is best for you to eat is genuinely very unique to you, and specifically where you find yourself on life’s journey. I have written a few blogs on food and health because this, no surprise here 😃, is my other passion.

Strangely they are both mouth related (funny that 😃).

However, the one thing I can confidently say is that irrespective of your body type, health status, age, or dietary needs, the below-listed food groups are never good for you, in either small or large quantities.

So without diving deeply into the why’s and what’s, the facts are that STOPPING, or if that sounds very extreme and downright frightening, at least significantly reducing the five food groups below.


Quick facts

Sugar is a drug. Yes, and it’s use has changed your taste buds and affects the part of your brain that drives a dopamine response. So essentially sugar hits your brain chemistry making you feel a bit of pleasure for a moment. Oh, and sugar has many aliases, masking itself as “healthy” when in fact it’s just sugar in disguise. Some of these are coconut sugar, high fructose corn syrup, dehydrated can juice and at least another 100 different names if you Google other names for sugar.

Don’t get fooled 🧐. Cancer cells love sugar, your gut hates sugar (leaky gut is one outcome of too much sugar) and the brain does not do well on sugar (yes it requires energy, however, energy derived from ketones is far healthier for the brain). Here’s more if you are keen to find out how to change your life and health.

Processed (refined) carbs, such as packets of chips, Twinkies, bread, potatoes, and pies (you get the picture), are the other big NO NO. Did you know that Twinkies contain 37 ingredients with only 1 of them being food (banana puree)? Unfortunately this toxic food group makes up a disproportionate part of our diets these days.

Why the bad rap? This type of carb sends your blood glucose and insulin levels soaring, resulting in insulin resistance. We all know that this is a precursor for many diseases such as Type 2 diabetes. Cut them out, people.

Fizzy drinks, no good. For one thing, the high sugar loads. Oh, they are also not great for cellulite. Just a point to consider ladies.

The one you fear

Alcohol. I see most of you cringing, in fact I think you are planning to skip this part 😃, don’t do it!

You can limit yourself to one small glass of red wine a night (although the benefits are not 100% proven or agreed on), and the benefits can in fact be found in food. It depletes nutrients, harms your gut, destroys your liver, is toxic for your brain, impacts your sleep and, well just messes you up so many ways. In fact punching yourself in the face over and over for an hour is less harmful 🤭.

However, should you have a wild one, and I say one, not many, take some glutathione and activated charcoal to help mop up the toxins because a hangover impacts your brain in a similar way to a mini stroke. Yes that’s why you feel like a bucket of @#$% the next morning.

Low fat, the other highly debated one.

Stop fearing fats. Yes, stay away from trans fats, however, eat good fats, such as coconut butter, avocado, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, seeds and nut butters because these as keep us full and lubricate the wheels of our metabolism. Urgent caution – low fat usually means high carbohydrates, high sugar and/or high sodium.

Don’t be fooled

Be aware, humans, most of the food guides provided by our governments have been at the centre of our disease pandemic. Never before have we seen such high levels of diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and other inflammation related diseases. This is all despite significantly improved medical facilities, advances in medication, and treatment protocols. Not to mention far greater convenient access to food.

No surprise here that most governments even get paid by “no names mentioned” food producers when their food categories are added onto the “dietary guidelines” published by the government.

Take back your life

You and your mouth are an incredibly powerful duo, capable of crafting an incredibly amazing optimal life OR, a life filled with disease, and dis-ease, these choices are all yours.

What will you choose?

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