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Meeting the magician

To be or not to be? A question we often believe to be answered by fate, luck or destiny. However, the magic to craft your future lies within your hands, within your words, YOU are the magician. The words you plant deeply into the imagination of your subconscious mind are the seeds that sprout and in many ways become your life.

Words impact the subconscious mind, changing your words can change your life.

The power of the subconscious

Your subconscious mind constitutes close to 90 % of your brain and it is the part you are not aware of. It is the power behind all of your involuntary functions, emotions and habits. People often underestimate the power of the subconscious mind because of ego. The conscious mind, the one you are aware of, may be more intelligent and rationale but it has no where near the power of the subconscious mind.

The subconscious is ruled by your imagination and the words you use feed this engine in the same way fuel feeds the engine of a car. An example of this is “I  cannot loose weight” – your subconscious takes your words literally since it cannot judge or discern and goes to work to ensure your words become your reality ie. you cannot loose weight. Another is “I will be happy” (future orientated) – because your subconscious lives in the present, it acknowledges that you are not currently happy, working to keep it as such.

To make this distinction crystal clear, a last example to show the difference. If asked – can you tell me your age, the rational conscious mind interprets what you really asking and it will respond with your age ie. 46. The subconscious cannot interpret and hence it will answer Yes.

Notice the difference?

In action

Of course not every single random word you use gets to take root and blossom in the subconscious, imagine the chaos. Words used often, repetitively and with emotion are the ones that flourish within the soil of the subconscious. Similar to planting real seeds, if you plant one or two seeds and don’t water them it is highly unlikely that you will get a crop. Should you however plant numerous seeds (repetitive words), watering them often (emotion and action behind your words) your crop is largely guaranteed. Planting weeds and expecting roses is another delusion. You cannot repetitively use negative words unwisely and expect your life to be magical.

Alining your words and your imagination is where the magic is created. 

Your subconscious mind is like a recording machine, it faithfully reproduces whatever you impress upon it. It does not know the difference between real and imagined events. The important aspect of the subconscious is that many of the patterns alive and well within it were not programmed by you. Your conscious mind, the cortex only fully develops later in life ,starting from 3 years onwards and fully developed at about 20. Consequently many of the programs running your life come from your family, society, teachers, TV etc. Since we do not consciously remember the programming they can run our lives without us being aware of their impact.

Past Programming

How often do children hear the following statements:

” You are such a big girl”

“You are so silly

“Dont be so stupid

“You are a bad boy or girl”

These statements, often made by well-meaning adults will have no effect if said a few times. When  said repeatedly, especially under emotional circumstances they are likely to be accepted by the subconscious as truth. According to Harry Carpenter it is estimated that a child is told “no” 148,000 times in their very early years. Are you thinking about the amount of potential being limited at such a young age?

As adults we have the power to reprogram the subconscious. Words used repeatedly with emotion are the tools with which we condition new affirming patterns into the subconscious. We need to become aware of our toxic word patterns, often used in jest but taken as truth by our subconscious.

Within our power

Of course since we are not always aware of our limiting programs the question is how to re-wire them? What you need to be clear on is what you want your future to be (imagination). Then use words that will program your subconscious to deliver on that future.

Being realistic is key since wanting to win the comrades when you are 86 may be a stretch. However walking 10km comfortably at 86 is very possible. Choose your words carefully and remember that your subconscious takes you literally. Using the words I am is extremely powerful since the words that follow are seen by your subconscious as truth.

I am

If you wish to be confident, saying I am confident may be interpreted by your conscious mind as a lie, an untruth. Your subconscious however is the machine that plays a significant role in crafting your future and hence it is far more important to focus on what it sees as true. Listening to your rational, interpretive brain you may be inclined to say “I want to be confident or I will be confident”. Based on the brief introduction to the subconscious in this blog I am certain that you can clearly see how this will be severely limiting.

When we align our words (conscious mind) with the imagination of our subconscious mind we are able to re-wire limiting programs and liberate ourselves to live in celebration of being the magicians crafting our lives word by word.

What future are you programming?

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