Life on auto-pilot

Auto-pilot is never ideal, unless of course it’s high up in the sky, safely inside a moving plane with a genuine real-life pilot close by, just in case.

Not sure about you, however, these days it seems increasingly challenging to rip myself out of simply passing through the moment, the day, the week, the month and before I blink, the year; each day unfolding in a repetitive pattern, where very little feels different and it may just be that this ideal “work from home” life is not quite as idyllic as first believed. Of course it has so many advantages that we seldom stop for long enough to take a deep long look at the underlying “not so ideal” aspects.


I have realised that living in this home-work-life environment which has seamlessly morphed into one increasingly requires me to become even more deliberate about my life, my time and my choices because before I know it my life would have flashed past me in one huge colourless, imbalanced blur.

Humans are the worst creatures of habit, living unconsciously on auto-pilot until something forces us to change. Nothing new here. In fact, auto-pilot is the brain’s natural default mode; it prefers predictability since predictability is assumed to mean safety.

Remember the primary role of ego is to keep you safe, not happy, just safe. So auto-pilot, although great for routine everyday functions is not the optimal mode for achieving your greatest dreams. Living at your best requires stretching way outside of your comfort zone, taking some risks and becoming comfortable with a degree of unpredictability.

We don’t like change, more specifically, we don’t like to change. We are very comfortable pointing out where others need to change, as long as we can remain comfortably the same. COVID has driven many of us even more into this auto-pilot life and we have forgotten that the thrill of life is not only about who we are right now, it’s as much about who we are in the process of becoming, and auto-pilot does not allow much “becoming” to take place.

Life is an incredible story. It’s just that often we forget that we are the author.

Auto-pilot is any author’s worst nightmare – nothing happening, no muse, no inspiration, nothing other than monotonous sameness. We cannot remain in this place a moment longer! The time has arrived for us to rip auto-pilot out of that comfortable seat. It is our responsibility to bring back the dancing muse, the flight of inspiration, the roaring passion of a full, colourful, sometimes messy and unpredictable life, filled with possibilities.

Many wish for different lives and colourful futures yet few take the plunge to make the changes required for this future to become a reality.

Words – your building blocks

Today is all about a wake up call. What you think about, speak about and do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis will define, shape and craft your future. There is nothing in life that is not framed by words. The relationships you are in, the questions you ask, the answers with which you respond, the stories you tell, what you say and what you choose not to say are all the building blocks of your future, and trust me, when it comes to words, auto-pilot is definitely not where you want to hang around. Auto-pilot results in repeated patterns and reactions informed by your past, not responses chosen consciously with the view of crafting a new, exciting, colourful future.

We all know that how we ask a question and how we respond to questions can fundamentally alter the outcome. Have you thought about why this is?

Well it’s simply re-arranged words that drive each outcome. This is the power of words. Words have started and ended wars, built and destroyed companies, economies, families and relationships. Words can make or break someone’s day, someone’s life.

If you think of words as bricks, imagine that although people could have the same number of bricks, we know the building outcomes would be fundamentally different. It’s no different with words, how you use them will define your future.


Your words craft your future.

The great news is that once you have committed and you master one word, it becomes easier and easier. It’s similar to learning a new skill. Remember when you started walking it was one step at a time and huge amounts of commitment, resilience and persistence. Imagine if you stopped after a few embarrassing falls?

I suggest giving it a shot and start by eliminating the word “try, tried or trying” from your vocabulary. These are some of the lowest frequency words around and they seldom inspire confidence. How do you feel when some says “I will try to …..”? Now if the person said “I commit to ………” – you can see the difference.

Of course, the first thing you are thinking is, ok, what if I say I commit and I don’t? Well, it’s all about the energy and intention of the words you use. Once you have made a commitment to someone, most people will do all they can to fulfil their commitment. Saying that you will try always gives you a way out, an excuse. It is only when you start committing and living up to your commitments, in other words using your word with integrity, that the universe, which supports you in transforming your dreams into reality, starts taking you seriously.


It’s in the transformation of your everyday words that your life starts transforming, not always an immediate overnight frog to prince transformation, I must say, however, as you diligently plant new seeds your life will most certainly bear new fruit.

If transformation was optional for caterpillars, I wonder how many would choose to go through the process. Yet it is exactly in this transformation process that the caterpillar emerges from the silky cocoon as a magnificent butterfly.

Don’t allow your words to merely fall out of your mouth, as if on auto-pilot. Do not allow life to happen to you. Take control of the narrative and start by choosing your words.

Words are your greatest creation tool (one you were born with) yet no-one ever told you about the power you wield an inch beneath your nose.

“Your reality is wired and rewired one word at a time”.

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