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In the womb – someone is listening

Our words impact creation far earlier than we even begin to realise.

The impact of words starts in the womb. The word mother really only means female parent. The body that gave birth to you. For many of us however, the word mother conjures up many emotions that impact us on numerous levels. Sometimes these connotations can be very harmful, limiting, debilitating in some extreme cases, and if the relationship with the word mother is not healed, the impact will continue repeating its harmful influence, possibly impacting your children and future generations.

Family scripts repeat themselves unless they are consciously re-written, and changing our language, which impacts our beliefs and thoughts, changes the script.

From the day you are born

In my blog “Your word is your wand-the magic within” I refer to words being the building blocks of the world we live in. We are all aware of the building that takes place in the womb, forming a perfect human being, and from the day that you are born, actually even before this, you are bombarded with words which live in your subconscious. What most of us, however are not aware of, is that our words impact our children from as early as 10 weeks before birth.

New research done by Patricia Kuhl shows that unborn babies are listening to their mothers talk during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy and at birth can demonstrate what they have learnt. She goes on to state that “mothers have the first dibs on influencing the child’s brain”. The study shows that sensory and brain mechanisms for hearing are developed at 30 weeks of gestational age. This research gives a whole new meaning to “words shaping destinies”. Effectively the child’s relationship with language starts in the womb and it is a relationship thats lasts a lifetime, one that impacts lives in the most magical and at times most frightening ways.

Words shape destinies

Language shapes worlds, our worlds, our experiences and our expectations. It forms the foundation of how we experience relationships.

Words have started and ended wars, built and destroyed nations, created peace, saved lives and formed music masterpieces. The power of words is unmatched in terms of human expression. Words are behind world building, relationship building, building people and breaking people,. lifting and encouraging, or leaving people broken and in pain.

Change your words, change your reality. Change your words, impact your child’s reality.

Your words are powerful, what a responsibility, what a privilege.

How much more careful would you be if you could see the long-term impact of the words you use?




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