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Imagination is essential in crafting our dreams, while passion is the fuel with which those dreams are launched.

Imagination is what creates reality since everywhere we look our consciousness creates something for us to look at.

If you cannot imagine a different future how can it be any different to today?

Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited and imagination embraces the entire world.

Do you imagine?

One of the things that differentiates us from other species, other than language, is our ability to imagine a future different to our current reality. Yet how much time do we spend in our imagination?

I am not talking about day dreaming aimlessly. I am talking about truly imagining that future life. Being clear on what will you be doing in that future, and who will be a part of your life? What will you be feeling and thinking, where will you be? What is important and are you fulfilled? Are you living a life of significance or merely a life of success? Are you surviving or are you thriving?

Is your imagination still alive with possibilities?

If someone said you could wave a magic wand and have your future life become an immediate reality, would you be clear on what it looks like? Or have we outsourced this amazing ability to movie directors, iPads and devices? Have the future generations handed over their imaginations to games and the social media platforms they are obsessed with ? How many people can tell you a truly engaging, self created story these days?

Knowing that imagination is key in our ability to actively participate in creating our future, why do we so seldom engage our own imagination?

With so few having a clear picture of the future, a future consciously being created with our daily thoughts, words and actions, it is no wonder that many are living lives of quiet desperation.


What our dreams require, is for us to imagine again, to become alive again. Alive with possibilities, that all begin with clarity in terms of that imagined future. A future we are totally in control of actively creating for ourselves.

For every little step you take towards that dream, that imagined future, God is taking thousands more on your behalf. Your actions stir up life’s magic and it remains the first step to unlocking your dream.

Igniting the life you dream off, the one you imagine, requires the act of giving your intentions attention (this is focus) and taking action aligned with your intention. The universe only delivers what we ordered with our thoughts, words and actions. So why do we order anything less than we desire? Is it our lack of imagination or our limiting beliefs?

Your future

Often our fear is the unknown. The fear of being wrong, of making a mistake and fear is unfortunately the root of our anxiety and disease.

Remember that you need to be willing to let go, of the life you planned, to receive the life you dreaming of. The one that is waiting to meet you in your imagination.

Your future is consistently written by the choices you make, and often the miracle you desire is merely a shift in perception.

In imagining your future, you need to be very clear on what you truly believe.  When you believe in the obstacles more than the dream, which one will inevitably triumph?

As you ignite your imagination, creating the life you dream of, remember that gratitude is not a crop you harvest once your dreams come true, it is the fertiliser that makes them come true.

Start NOW – create that life you love, instead of meekly living the one you think you are stuck with. 

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