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I am my word

According to Marc Steinberg, we are born into a giant whirlpool of language in which we show up as the “I”. Through language the “I” is created and becomes the reference point for us to experience being something in the impersonal stream of language that surrounds us. This conditioned “I” says that I am my thoughts and feelings. The self created “I” says I am my word irrespective of my thoughts and feelings.I am therefore who and what I say I am. Just because I feel something does not mean I have to be that feeling and act out on it.  I can rise above the feeling and choose to be what I say I am. When I follow this up with action and intention, I create my reality based on my choices and actions. I am no longer reacting based on my feelings and conditioning.

What you have habitually said in the past has influenced your actions and framed the life you are living today. You are in effect living your words (thoughts expressed as words and fulfilled in actions). What you habitually say and act on today will steer you toward your tomorrow, there is destiny in your words.

When we understand the creation power of words we move from passive observer to active choreographer in our lives. Using words intentionally, re-inforcing these with action gives you the ability to create the life you dream of, moment by moment, one word at a time.

Words can  make your life a wasteland or a wonderland, the choice is yours.

Who do you say you are?

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