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Human being or human doing?

WTF? By that I of course mean what the flower. What was going through your mind?

What is everyone up to these days? I see millions of people running around day in and day out, watching wild eyed as the other hamsters are speeding up as if on “uppers”, and that wheel, that damn wheel, it just never stops spinning, not for one single moment. So you cannot afford to slow down for fear of being trampled and rendered irrelevant.

What is it that you are so busy with?

Some stats

Has the whole darn world forgotten that we are human beings NOT human doings? Or is it just me that feels like jumping off that hamster wheel may not be such a terrible idea?

Who are you when you stop doing for a moment?

It’s little wonder that people across the globe are suffering from an increasing burden of stress related diseases. In fact 77% of people experience stress that affects their health, 73% of people have stress that impacts their mental health, 48% of people have trouble sleeping due to stress and stress is the No.1 health concern of high school students.

Depression is estimated to affect approximately 350 million people globally and these numbers show no intention of reducing in the near future. Truth be told, the age group being affected by depression just seems to be getting lower and children to whom medication for depression is being prescribed is an increasing concern across the globe.

Take a moment

WTF? Again, what the flower. Surely if you were looking down to earth from an alternative universe, you would be shaking your head in frustration and desperation for a species capable of such greatness having been reduced to manic doers. All chasing those “things” that seldom bring lasting joy or more than a few moments happiness. Imagine, we are possibly viewed as little less than a bunch of ants running round all day and night to ensure the queen is satisfied. I guess the only question is who is your queen?

I can’t help thinking that the “queen” being served in most modern 21st century lives is EGO.

So why can we not simply stop doing for a moment and just be? What are we so afraid of? If we knew that the creativity we are so in search off springs forth from being and not from doing, would we slow down just a little?

“What will they say?”

Don’t get me wrong, action is important, doing is essential in achieving your dreams, I am rather asking whether you ever stop doing for long enough to ensure that all the doing is generating the results you dreamt off? Or are you too afraid of what the proverbial “they” will say or think if you simply stopped doing for a season?

Do you recall how to be?

Remember that doing is what you do while being is who you are.

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Genuine meaning, tangible transformation, healing and a true sense of peace comes from spending time below the water, simply floating around, having a look at what you find there. Not judging, hiding or candy coating what you discover, just being with it until you can see if for what it is.

Often it’s in the “seeing” that your relationship with “it” transforms. Looking directly at the things that scare you, at forgotten dreams that genuinely excite you, rather than always keeping so busy in an attempt to hide. It is here, in this place of being that you can once again breath as if for the first time in years. It is here that you meet yourself face to face, without judgment, and having surrendered all the doing for a moment you re-discover your inner child, your joy and your gratitude. You realise that there is no need to be afraid and suddenly the world makes sense again.

You see all that is possible, you connect to your unique purpose and miles away from the hamster wheel you discover an entirely new, previously unknown playground where new possibilities jump up with joy to greet you, so excited that you eventually arrived.

Take that moment

Take time to be, you are not being lazy when you are not doing anything. You do not have to be a hamster and that crowded wheel is definitely not the only place where your dreams can be fulfilled. In reality that wheel is seldom where your dreams take up residence.

Take a leap of faith from doing to being and experience just how much you and your body need it. I say you and your body because in case you had not noticed, you are not your body. You may just meet yourself in that incredible “being” bubble and realise that you do not need to play small by being just another hamster, that you already are so much more than that, if only you had noticed.

PS. no devices required while being, in fact for your own safety and sanity ensure that no, and I mean ZERO devices enter the place of being.

There will come a time when you will trade all those things for just a few more moments to be. Don’t wait until then.

Do it

Just do it. Find out what’s really under the water.

Promise me you will at least give it a shot.

You certainly deserve it.






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