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Holding on to long

You know that long overdue spring clean? The one you keep avoiding, the same one that, once completed, leaves you feeling energised, invigorated, filled with relief & kilo’s lighter.

Well, the time has come for you to “spring clean” some of that “stuff” you are holding onto; those things that really deserve to have been set free & liberated from your steely clutches years back 🙂.

Imagine the possibilities that may just open up if you “let go” a little (or a lot), creating space for a wild, exciting & brand new experience.


Could it be that the time has arrived for you to let go of that job you hate, the one that makes you feel like you are dying a slow, torturous death? Could you not at least start looking for something else, perhaps look at acquiring a new skill which could open doors, anything rather than desperately holding on?

Maybe it’s a relationship that is sucking the lifeblood out of you & no longer brings you any joy. Or that piece of clothing, furniture or painting gathering dust somewhere in a corner, out of sight, yet still taking up space.

Why do you hold onto so much that no longer serves you? You have one magical life. Why spend so much time doing & being surrounded by things which bring you no joy? Would you advise someone you love & care for to simply continue clinging to things that leave them unfulfilled?

All humans do it, and there is truly only one reason ………… what do you think it may be?

What really hides below all the excuses, behind all the apparently rational facts you so “wisely” use to stop doing & being all you were born to be?

It’s FEAR.

When we honestly look at what lurks around deep below the surface, often exceptionally well masked & only showing itself in the dead silence of those long nights, we meet that age-old enemy called fear. The same old trickster that has taken joy in paralysing humans & robbing them of all their potential, decade upon decade.

Let’s take a closer look at where this paralysing emotion has its fingers wrapped around you, silently & very effectively taking up your role as director crafting your life story.

Remember that the director is the one controlling a film’s production design, visualising the script while guiding the film crew & actors in the fulfilment of that vision.

Let’s replace “director” with “my fear” & see what our narrative becomes.

“My fear” is controlling my life’s production design, fear visualises the script for my life, while guiding people & situations in the fulfilment of its vision.

Your story

Your story possibly goes something like this, “I don’t love this job but it pays the bills. What happens if I leave & I don’t find something else?”. Or “what happens if I give this piece of furniture away & I really need it one day & then cannot find anything similar”. Or “at least I have a partner, they may not be great, I am not really happy, but it’s better than facing the future on my own, all alone”.

The story you are most likely not telling is that when you release something or someone you create space for something new, something fresh, a miracle waiting around the corner.

I know you cannot simply nonchalantly walk away from your job or partner in all cases, however, you can start taking the action required that will open the doors to something new opening up AND you definitely can change the story. That is entirely within your control.

So “I don’t love this job, but it pays the bills. What happens if I leave & I cannot find something else?” becomes “although this is not my dream job, I am grateful for what I can learn from it while I take the action required to find something more aligned to my passion, something that will bring me more joy”.

You see everything carries energy. Your story carries energy & holding onto things & old worn-out stories simply clutter your energy. On the other hand, letting go, and rewriting your story creates new fresh energy & space for possibilities. When you let go you are telling the Universe “I am trusting that there is something else, something far better on its way to me”.

Often it’s our treasured stories that need to be shipped out. Yes, shocking, however, no less true.

Oh, those cherished stories

Some stories are those we, oh so willing, tell anyone who dares to ask. You know the one, “my job is driving me insane, I hate Mondays & can barely make it to Friday. It’s lifeless, boring & retirement is my only hope”, or an all-time favourite, “you know high cholesterol, high blood pressure & weight issues are things that run in our family”. This one is a proverbial “pink ticket”, mandating you to hold on to weight & health issues, often needlessly.

Other stories are deeply embedded in your subconscious. These are the ones we are not always completely aware of. These are not the ones we willingly share with all & sundry, yet they sprint around on autopilot, unchecked & silently impacting our lives.

Here’s an example. You are affirming, day in & day out, that you have financial abundance, posters are up, mantras are chanted & you dig up all the energy you can muster to remain super uber positive, 24/7. Yet, nothing is moving, in fact, it has become quite damn exhausting, 13 months later 😳.

What’s wrong?

Sadly, what you may have forgotten is that you have a couple of banger childhood stories about money which are well & truly deeply rooted in your subconscious. These stories can be in direct opposition to your affirmations & bright pink “post-its” displayed all over your house 🙂.

How many of you relate to the following narratives:

  • “Do you think money grows on trees?”
  • “Money is the root of all evil”.
  • You know the rich always get richer & the poor always get poorer”.
  • “Are you mad? We cannot afford that”.

Now, given that your conscious has around 10% power capacity & your subconscious, which runs your whole body, is powered with the remaining 90%, which story do you believe will be playing out in your life?

I will be writing more on this topic in a later blog. For now, I want to draw your attention to the fact that there may be a number of things, people & stories you may be well-served in considering “spring cleaning” 🙂.

Just start, will you?

Take a look. Start with small things like that T-shirt you have not worn in 3 years, that bleached swimming towel still neatly packed right at the bottom of the “swimming shelf”. Perhaps start a skills review & decide on closing some gaps. Udemy is a great start, which won’t break the bank.

Just start, and take action because the Universe gets excited & triggered into action by the actions you take in support of your re-wired story.

“At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end”.

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