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Excuse me

How many of your dreams have never been realised because you simply did not have the perseverance to continue? One to many excuses robbing you of your greatest potential.

Shattered dreams

As Benjamin Franklin said, ” He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else”. How often do you make commitments and the minute it gets tough the excuses come flying in as if they are attacking you?

Yes, they are all “valid”. Life is busy, work demands, lack of time, and of course the children, your partner, your boss all make demands that you simply are unable to say no to.

Well just as an aside, you are definitely saying NO. It’s just that the person you are continuously saying no to is YOU.

You need to count the cost of being the one person that you are always prepared to disappoint; the one that seldom gets to live the dream because there are simply just too many excuses.

Far too often the reasons you find for not taking the risk, not making the move, not going to gym, have become rational to your mind because you have rehearsed them for so long, you have made them a part of your construct as a person and you can no longer see that in fact, they are simply well-rehearsed excuses.

Powering the dream

Say yes to YOU. Just stop the excuses. So you don’t have time to go to gym for an hour? Do you have 10 minutes to do some lunges in your room? You see its not the size of your commitment that makes the difference, it is your ability to STOP making excuses that drives greatness and possibilities. It is your willingness to say YES to yourself even if it means waking up 30 minutes earlier.

How much is your dream worth?

You don’t need 30 minutes to meditate. All you need is 5 and your commitment to the 5 minutes will fuel your energy, your commitment and one small, committed YES after another before too long becomes the dream you have always said no to.

Ban every excuse from your mind once and for all since they will get you nowhere fast.

Don’t accept a life of mediocrity when your YES holds such a fortress of infinite potential and possibility.

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