Courage cornerstone

We need to allow courage to be the source of our choices and infuse our lives since when we are standing in courage we make powerful choices for ourselves.

Why courage?

Because any journey of true change starts with courage.

Right now we are collectively facing a world in which very little is ever going to be quite the same again. All of us are being called upon to effect changes in several aspects of our lives, and without courage, genuine and authentic change is never possible.

The research

Dr David Hawkins, a renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, lecturer and author, developed the map of consciousness. In essence, people emit different energy frequencies (yes, even you), and your words and associated emotions play a crucial role in determining the unique energy frequency you send out to the world.

Dr Hawkins spent years mapping out the various energy frequencies associated with human consciousness.

How, you ask?

I invite you to read his book Power v. Force since this blog is certainly not long enough to explain his research methodology. Suffice to say, he calibrated consciousness, related to emotions & words on a scale of 20 to 600 as depicted below.

What he found

He found that 85% of the global population vibrated below 200, which is defined as contracted consciousness, with only 15% of the population vibrating above 200, defined as expanded consciousness. What is interesting about his work is that at the point of courage, which vibrates at around 200, life starts to change. Emotions and language begin to depict trust, optimism, and forgiveness which in turn leads to understanding, love, gratitude and joy.

You know exactly how much courage it takes to forgive. You may also know how incredibly liberated you feel once you have forgiven. The world feels lighter and your face finds that smiling comes far more naturally than before, and these random smiles seem to attract even more smiles into your world.

You also know just how much courage it takes to trust and to choose an optimistic outlook, even when your circumstances leave much to be desired, and your trust was previously shattered and destroyed.

Unfortunately without courage, you live habitually based on your past, often in anger, filled with pride, guilt or shame. You are no stranger to the heavens of these feelings.

I say “surrender”, lift that heavy burden and step into courage, even if just for a moment to see how it “fits”.

It will take courage for all of us to emerge from this global “shift” remaining positive about the future – ours and our children’s. I cannot imagine what our world will become if you and I do not step into courage. Can you?

Your choices

Celebrate what is right in your life because what you focus on is where your energy goes. And it will grow.

Muster up the courage to emerge “future-proofed”, filled with optimism and gratitude, since with all change comes great opportunities.

Who of you noticed where gratitude falls on the above map?

Now you can see why gratitude is said to be one of the most powerful emotional frequencies in the world, and that gratitude transforms darkness into light.

We also know that energy attracts similar energy, therefore expressing gratitude for all that you have, even if it is only the fact that you have opened your eyes this morning, will attract similar high-frequency energy into your life, and who knows what becomes possible for you.

It is said that charity begins at home, and when it comes to courage, it is no different, since loving and accepting yourself is the ultimate act of courage.

“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision” – Winston Churchill

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