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Considering the illusion of truth

What is truth? 

Oscar Wilde says that “truth is rarely pure and never simple”.

At a time in which all of humanity professes to have the answer (unafraid of using these rarely inspected truths as the ultimate measure with which to judge anyone who dares to even consider an alternative truth),  it may be thought-provoking to collectively take a quick glance at truth, and then consider what it may, or may not be.

My, how things change

Years ago you would most certainly have been called insane if you had said that the earth was round. Today you would be considered certifiable should you not say that the earth is round.

There was a time when women practising healing with herbs were burnt at the stake as witches. Today herbs and other naturally occurring substances are heralded for their healing properties. Even the heavily criticised and taboo-causing marijuana plant is finding its rightful place in society these days. Who would ever have thought?

How the perception and judgement of truth changes and morphs over time.

I wonder what it is that you believe so strongly today that may be laughed at and considered fiction in just a few short years?

Could it be that truth is not entirely confined by facts and rather that is is constructed by the intensity of your imagination drawn down from a realm of possibilities into reality by your beliefs, words and actions?

Some droplets of facts

Consider this: You see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum. Your reality, which seems so real to you, is constructed every second from 40 snapshots of information, out of a potential of 11 million. The remaining 10,900,060 are absorbed by your subconscious mind while you remain consciously oblivious to their existence.

Every second, 11 million sensations crackle along  90 billion neurons mapped within your brain. Your brain is confronted with an alarming array of smells, sounds and images which it rigorously filters down until it is left with this manageable list of around 40.

Therefore, only 40 sensations per second, out of an array of 10,900,060 possibilities, make up what you perceive as reality. 

And you still believe that your view of the world is the only one there is?

Oh, the possibilities

There are far more possibilities out there than you can begin to imagine. Of course, what you have chosen to believe will influence which 40 sensations your five senses select and filter out to inform your reality, fundamentally crafting and shaping your life and how you experience living, every second of every day.

Quantum physics tell us that life is all about possibilities, and which possibility manifests all depends on what you allow into and entertain within your consciousness. If 10,900,060 snapshots of information per second are excluded from your reality and therefore your consciousness, and remaining deeply buried within your subconscious, how much possibility is excluded from your everyday living, from the manner in which your future unfolds?

We have not even begun exploring the myriad of ways that your body reacts to your mind (again, remember that your conscious mind, to which your body is constantly responding, is missing more than 10 million snapshots of possibilities per second).

Would you really make any key decisions based on less than 0,0004 % of the possible variables that could be influencing your outcome?

No-one is really going to be able to process all 10 million each second; it would result in mass insanity if it were even possible. My question is rather one which invites you to explore why your mind selects the 40 sensations it does? Why are you triggered by certain people, certain words, certain environments, while others aren’t? Could your version of truth possibly be in need of a reboot, a defrag, some additional RAM?

Consider this

As you inspect, assess and consider a shift in your thoughts, your perceptions and your assumptions of truth, the words you use to describe yourself and your reality change as a result. With this transformation, your body, your experience of life and your future faithfully follow.

Taking a moment to consider why you so often blindly accept the experience and beliefs of others as the only possible truth and discovering that the thoughts you so often cling to as truth are seldom true, may just be your very first real step towards freedom.

Should “free”, of course, be what you choose.


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