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Celebrating what’s right in your world

All that you now have is far more than many could ever dream of having.

Imagine if our radios, TVs and news channels shared what we have to be grateful for, if we celebrated what is right in our worlds every morning rather than being bombarded with negativity from the minute we open our eyes. Just imagine.

Our world increasingly seems to be attracted to the negative. It’s what somehow gets and holds our attention, what makes the news headlines and what shows up as the topic of conversation at our dinner tables. Possibly even what contributes to the ever increasing rates of depression across different societies and age groups.

Mondays are universally resented. Why? Because we need to get back to work. But what about those people who never got to see another Monday, those that wake up and do not have a job to go to? Should we not be celebrating the fact that we made it to another Monday? Or the fact that we have a place of work to go to? Another day to experience the love of our family?

What are we teaching our youth about this beautiful gift called life?


Each morning the majority of us wake up to a myriad of gifts, our eyes, our beds, our ability to get out of bed and move around freely. The air we breathe without thinking about it for a minute, our hearts that beat rhythmically without us having to do a thing, the water in our taps, the intermittent electricity (even therein lies something to be grateful for – more time to talk to each other, off our devices), to name but a few of the gifts we so often take for granted.

Our lives are created and experienced as a result of what we choose to focus on. The choice is ours, going bat crazy because of the traffic or gratitude for being in the traffic and not in a hospital bed. Losing your temper at your spouse or being grateful for the gift of growing, stretching and having a spouse. Your choices are the part of you that actively participate in creating your daily drama.They can also liberate you from that daily drama. The choice is yours.

We all choose the way we think of ourselves and what we believe to be true of our world. What we focus on becomes our reality.

What are you focussing on? How is that serving your greatest life?

Personally I do not listen to the news. If something terrible is happening people will be sure to tell me. And in terms of business in general I use Google alerts. This way I get to choose what I spend my precious time and energy on.

You have the freedom to choose what goes into your mind.

Remember that blame is the world’s greatest excuse. It enables us to remain limited and small without feeling guilty. But there is a cost, the loss of our freedom and the loss of our ability to choose for ourselves.

You may say you have no choice. I invite you to explore if that is really true.


Let go of the anger, the resentments, the  lack of forgiveness, since the only place the past truly exists is in your mind and your body. Make new life affirming choices, choices that celebrate all that is right in your world. This is your first step to freedom, choosing for yourself what you will allow to define and craft your life.

When we start practicing gratitude our lives change. Gratitude is one of the most undervalued, underrated and incredibly powerful emotions in the world.

Greatness loves gratitude. Gratitude is the ultimate state enabling us to receive. If we cannot express gratitude for all that we already have, how can we receive all we dream of?

There is aways something to be grateful for, always. And when you choose to celebrate that one thing, you are choosing to celebrate life, and celebrating life attracts more life. Ask Viktor Frankl who managed to find things to celebrate in a German concentration camp.

Within you is the divine capacity to manifest all that you desire.

Being the change changes the being.

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