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Resolutions? What?

Another 365 days await; by now, it’s closer to 355 and counting. So, how exactly are those “resolutions” working for you? No, I am not

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Holding on to long

You know that long overdue spring clean? The one you keep avoiding, the same one that, once completed, leaves you feeling energised, invigorated, filled with

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Who speaks for you?

Yes, this is an odd and extremely strange question to be asking, but humour me. Have you ever stopped & asked yourself this question? Who

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Who are YOU?

No, seriously, who are you? Not your name or your title, like I am the Manager of so and so, or I am Mr or

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I AM or AM I?

I AM, two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality. Most of you have heard this somewhere, from

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