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Are you plugged in? No, not the Wi-Fi.

“How can it be that an atom of oxygen floating randomly in the atmosphere, gets inhaled and then, the instant it crosses the blood-brain barrier, becomes part of an intelligent system?” – Dr Bernie S. Siegel.

Sugar, or at least glucose, is just that until it hits the body where it becomes the brain’s primary source of food. The same brain with over 100 billion neurons.

Miracles occur where the invisible possibilities of life unfold as realities.


Miracles occur when you align yourself with the potential of what has been built into your consciousness. That random atom of oxygen is an intricate part of universal consciousness and that, quite frankly, is where its ability to plug into an intelligent system stems from.

Across both spiritual and scientific fields of interest, there are groups of people who all agree that matter did not come first. Yes, it’s non-Newtonian and frowned on by many, however, hear me out for just a moment. These agreeing bodies of research, the ones who are all in revolt against the materialism view that life is random and without purpose, all of them state that consciousness comes first. It creates all events in the material world and most specifically your body.

David Bohm, a renowned theoretical physicist, suggested that consciousness rather than matter is the basic building block of the universe. Imagine that the manifestation of possibilities depends entirely on your consciousness.

How else does each cell in your body know exactly what its role is in ensuring that your stomach lining is regenerated every 3 to 4 days to avoid it digesting itself? Or what keeps the 2 million working parts in your eyes serviced in tip-top shape, given that you move your eye more than 100,000 times a day?

Quantum physicists are also quick to tell you that you are no random accident, since simply moving our planet by a mere few miles would result in our immediate death due to extreme temperature changes. Something far greater than random materialism is at play folks.

When last have you given consciousness a second thought, a first thought?


A very strange word, one used to describe yet another form of miracle some humans are capable of. One which simply cannot be explained adequately by Newton and his motley crew.

Xenoglossy is used to describe the paranormal phenomenon in which a person is able to speak or write in a language they could not have acquired by any natural means. Yes, it happens, sometimes through hypnosis and at other times this is seen in people with split personality disorder. Not me though, all my personalities speak either English or Afrikaans, no Madarin or French in my bouquet of humans.

How is this possible though? Ok, without jumping into the realm of spirits or any of the other odd explanations people have offered over the years for anything science could not explain, just think about it, how is it possible?

No, that second you just gave it is really not going to open up the miraculous, it is going to need just a little more time in genuine thought.

Could it be that we are capable of significantly more than we were ever told? Abilities and possibilities we have simply not permitted ourselves to envision as yet? I am not saying you should all be speaking German or Spanish when you pop open those incredible eyes in the morning, I am simply asking whether you realise what  you are truly capable of?

Remember that you have 46 chromosomes, only 2 less than a potato, so unless you see yourself as a potato, what do you believe makes the incredible, spectacular, remarkable difference?

Do not close your mind to what you cannot explain.

In the end

Humans owe their existence to two fundamental components, energy and consciousness.

Ok, and WiFi.

Energy we all know about, however life and all its possibilities is an adventure in consciousness.

Think about all the possibilities slumbering inside your consciousness, desperatley waiting to be aroused and miraculously manifested as the greatest version of yourself?

What you dream of is a definite possibility. The question is, who do you need to be to ensure that they are manifested in your life?

You cannot attract that which you are not already from an energy and consciousness level. I you want change on the outside you gonna have to work on those inside bits.

The potential inside knows no boundaries when plugged into the intelligence of universal consciousness.

I say plug in, quickly, and I don’t mean the WiFi.

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