An uncommon gift

Love, unconditional love, one of the most profound human emotions. Yet it is so tricky, definitely risky, often leaving us feeling totally unprepared; since receiving this uncommon gift, is most unusual.

Human love

Human love is beautiful, but it is almost always emotion based, which means it is conditional. It is based on beliefs and perceptions, becoming something that can be given and taken. Unfortunately, it is often knitted with conflicts, expectations and hopes. It’s often transient, felt only when circumstances fit into a predefined mood or when certain personal rules are met. Contingent on approval, respect, reciprocation or friendship. It is rarely, if ever, truly unconditional.

Almost universally, during times of celebration, when our hearts are less hardened, we are reminded that we are products of a conscious creation. Somehow part of a cosmic family. We have traits that set us apart from all other forms of life and these empower us to have connected, loving and meaningful lives.

We are reminded that we are stewards in this world, here to protect all of life and not masters born to dominate life. It is through our extraordinary powers of intuition, empathy and compassion that we are granted the privilege to be earth caretakers. An ability given to no other form of life. The ability to love unconditionally.

The giving season

Approaching the festive season, spending time with friends and family, you are often reminded of how much energy you spend holding on to grudges and blaming, acts of ego. Rather than  surrendering and forgiving, acts of the spirit.

You forget that everyone is doing the best they can to make sense of their life, their story and that all their actions are not aimed at deliberately hurting you.

This is a time to remember that being imperfect does not mean being inadequate.

You are fooled into believing that you can only be loved if you are good. This then urges you to be good rather than happy.

I recommend choosing happiness. It makes the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary life.

The uncommon gift

When you watch children who seem naturally wired for joy, you wish you could go back to being a child again, to experiencing true bliss, happiness and joy, back to the place of being fully present, experiencing each moment anew. Unconditional love connects you to this joy, keeping you in the present moment, allowing you to experience life fully.

Unconditional love is the only love that does not separate, it occurs when your heart beats for my freedom.

Loving unconditionally while you are caught up in your story is difficult. Surrendering your story this festive season, could open you to new possibilities and may even remind you that a miracle is often merely a shift in perception.

The uncommon gift of unconditional love heals, it releases people from bondage, it changes minds and melts hearts, it changes lives.

Give all of who you are this year instead of just parts of who you are. Give the gift of your time.

Remember that you are deserving of love not because of what you do but because of who you are, an aspect of our Creator, loved unconditionally, uncommonly, now and always.

What are the conditions of your love? 

And lastly, don’t take life, Christmas lunch or yourself too seriously this season, laugh as often as possible, mostly laugh at yourself (and of course those crazy friends and relatives).

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