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Amazing human body

Have you ever given a moments thought to the amazing human body. That one you carry around all day, the same one that allows you to take up space on earth?

The human heart beats more than 101,000 times a day. It pumps more that 2 gallons of blood per minute. Travelling more than 60,000 miles in a 24 hour period. As you finish reading this sentence your body would have made 25 trillion cells. In the same time each of the 70 trillion cells making up your body would have executed between 100,000 and 6 trillion functions per second. You will inhale 2 million litres of oxygen today and as you inhale, this oxygen will be sent to all the cells in your body within seconds.

The human body has 125,000 km of blood vessels in our body. If we laid these flat it would go around the earth 3 times. We have an entire nerve centre in our stomachs. This area where we receive intuitive messages is called the enteric nervous system or second brain. It is where the term gut feeling or gut instinct comes from. The average person has around 70,000 thoughts a day and the adult brain has 500 trillion neutrons with 3200 trillion possible neural connections and we still don’t see ourselves as miracles?


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