• I am Bonita.
  • I am a business consultant and a narrative strategist.
  • I believe in the possibilities inherent in the collaboration of the biological & technical collective.
  • I am a woman, wife, daughter, sister,  friend, colleague,  leader & often a partner in crime.
  • I am an independent spirit.
  • I am book obsessed & an enthusiastic writer.
  • I love the thrill of traveling and new experiences.
  • I certainly have more than one me.
  • “Why” is one of my favourite words.
  • I am crazy about words, and I love exploring the possibilities they open up.
  • Oh, and I truly love to dance.

What do you say about your future? The words you use everyday are extremely powerful creation tools & whether used reactively or proactively they are crafting your future. Words are at the very foundation of everything we associate to being human. Words are our SUPER POWER. In fact as a friend known only as DDJ says “the wheel is not the greatest invention, words are”.

Choices are best informed by multiple perspectives and diverse thought. Making these choices is extremely difficult & there is seldom time to squeeze this in among all the other “to do” lists. This results in most people living almost as if  accidentally while focusing only on the most immediate & pressing needs.

In the end all success be it personal or in business will be shaped by the clarity of your vision of the future & by making deliberate choices made on a regular basis. Making choices that unlock possibilities.

The power of words is woven so tightly into your everyday lives that we hardly ever take time to marvel at it

No matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world